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The time has come for me to sell my maternity clothes since we're done having kids :-(. All of these clothes are in excellent condition with no stains or tears.

XL Motherhood Maternity two piece halter style bathing suit. Only worn a handful of times~~ $15

XL Old Navy Maternity tank top with lacy accents. 96% cotton, 4% spandex. Is cute worn by itself or as an undershirt~~ $5

XL (I'm pretty sure, I cut tag out of back because it kept sticking out) Motherhood Maternity tube top. Has removable straps that I'm including. I never wore the straps and it shows since the top is slightly faded from washing where as the straps have never been washed. VERY cute for summertime, one of my favorite tops~~ $7
close up of flowery detail

XL Motherhood Maternity tube top. Gauzy like fabric, very cool in the summertime. I do not have the straps for this one, but, like I said above, I never wore them anyways~~ $5

XL Motherhood Maternity tank top. It's not really double layered, just has the illusion. Has built in bra top, very comfortable~~ SOLD

XL Maternity Announcements (I think Walmart brand) 100% polyester top. Ties in back. Good dress up top~~ $5
Close up of detail

XL Motherhood Maternity underbelly panel, khaki skirt. Goes to about knee length~~ SOLD

XL Maternity Announcements 3/4 length sleeve top. The hem of this shirt has an interesting cut, not sure what it's called, but it's really cute. Very comfortable top~~ SOLD

XL Maternity Announcements capri and tank top set. Capris have underbelly panel and shirt ties in back and has cute floral embroidery on it~~ $8
It was hard to get a picture of the embroidery, this is the best I could do..

XL Old Navy Maternity top. Floral print, empire waist, very lightweight fabric. I always wore this shirt with the light pink tank top above under it. For some reason this shirt was hard to take a pic of, so I'm sorry. The pictures do not do this shirt justice at all~~ SOLD

XL Motherhood Maternity no panel underbelly khaki shorts~~ $10

I've tried to describe these and take pictures the best I can, if you would like to see more pictures, feel free to PM or email me (I may be able to dig some up of me wearing some of them too so you could see them on a human).

Thanks for looking!!
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