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Xpost foods not to eat while pregnant or TTC?

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My boss at work asked what books I read during pregnancy that listed foods that would be bad to eat while either TTC or Pregnant. I could not think of a book per se, but know of somethings, like raw fish or any mercury laden fish etc...

we work in the natural foods industry so I am sure he knows the basic stuff.
Any ideas? he and his wife are TTC and he is so cool, always asking me questions etc. I wish all fathers to be ,(or fathers who want to be , in this case) were so cool!

thanks if you have any info!

PS I x posted this in I'm Pregnant
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I avoided all lunch meats (unless organic or nitrate/nitrite free), soft-cooked eggs, and soft cheeses. These have the potential to make you sick (listeria, samonella, etc.), which can harm the baby.
He probably already knows about tuna--I wouldn't recommend any at all. I would also avoid all soy--there's a book called "The Whole Soy Story" which has a lot of information about soy and potential health risks of eating soy.
Alfalfa sprouts as I heard they can have listeria. The stuff PP said, too.
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