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I test drove some machines at my Bernina and Viking dealers but they are full price and will not negotiate at all and they are way out of my price range for now. So, I started looking online to see if I could get the same quality for a better price online. I tend to not use customer service help lines anyways so I would rather save that money.

Please let me know what your like or dislike about your serger if you have a serger/coverstitch combo. I am interested in ...

1) What model do you have and for how long have you serged with it?
2) Do you sew diapers, inserts or several layers of thick fabric on it?
2b) How does it do on curves?
3) Does you machine have a free arm? Is it small enough to actually sew baby sleeves on it?
4) What other pros cons can you think of?

Thanks so much!!!

I know that some perfer 2 machines so that they do not have to convert them, but I do not have a sewing room (just a sewing closet) and that would mean dragging 2 machines out of the closet and setting them up) - I would just rather convert the machine.

I have heard that the Juki 655 is the only Juki that is still made in Japan - but it does not do coverstitch. Some say that the other Juki machines are still made sturdy and other have said that they are not. Does anyone here have a Juki 735? Please, Please, Please share. I am really interested in the Juki 735 because it is an all in one machine that seem to have minimal conversion between stitches, can do the coverstitch, has a built in blind hem, is supposed to be well built. I can not find anywhere to test drive this machine and do not want to buy it just to be disappointed.

Thanks again,
Rebecca K.
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