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I need help figuring out a school/pathway to midwifery for my cousin...she was a nursing student and completed 2 years of the nursing program and just a few weeks ago quit b/c of all the things she had to do that she couldnt handle (having to do with dealing with men)...she called me up and we talked a bit and believe or not she has never heard of midwifery but after i explained it to her a bit she seemed interested and wants more info about schooling...

her dh works in michigan so he would be able to take her in the morning...are there any schools in dearborn/detroit/annarbor/closeby she could attend or distance programs she could take that would accept her nursing courses and give her some type of 'advanced standing' so she wont have to redo those courses...(ie. anatomy, physiology, organic chem, pharmacology etc)....

she really doesnt want too much of what she's worked for to be lost...

also approximately how long with these 2 years of nursing would it take for her to complete the midwifery program cuz her and her dh would like to have kids...

i'd really like to help her out so any links/info u can give woudl be greatly appreciated.
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