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xposted in LWAB: Magic Bullet Blender for babyfood

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I know that a lot of mamas here make their own baby food puree stuff. I just wanted to recommend a product I bought last month for my dd. She is 2 but has some feeding issues and some days just does purees. I saw an infomercial for the Magic Bullet Blender and decided to spring for it. The thing is awesome! It purees just about anything. I have pureed pasta, a bean and cheese burrito, cooked veggies, lots of other stuff for my dd. It works really well and takes just a few seconds, very powerful little machine and not many parts to clean. It even purees so well that I can put real food down her feeding tube on her off days rather than formula. Anyway I just wanted to recommed this kitchen gadget if you make a lot of pureed baby food and it also works great with smoothies.
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Totally love my Magic Bullet!
Glad it's helping with Nitara's feedings!
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another 2 thumbs up for the Bullet!! I love mine, use it daily!

I wished I had sprung for it back when I was making baby food *sigh*. No matter, I'm using it now and loving it.

Things I use it for:

grinding oat into flour
grinding wheat into flour
refried beans(put all ingredients in bullet, wirr up, then cook down the fluid down in cast iron)
fluffy scrambled eggs
powdered laundry soap
and the list goes one and on
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