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anyone UC in NH and get a ltter from the state?
we just received a letter from teh state re: newborn testing. on one form, there is info. to provide the state that you had the test done, where, etc. etc. etc. another is a "refusal".

im not comfortable with either and im wondering if anyone in NH has UC'd and ignored this letter. and what the conseq's were.

i dont feel good filling out the first form b/c we are technically UC and our MW didnt really attend nor did she technically arrange for our nb screening to be done privately (we dont want the dna banking that has been rumored to be going around w/ states). i dont feel good about filling out the 2nd form b/c well, we arent refusing to do nb testing....just refusing to do it through the state channels.

anyone btdt w/ this issue???

im concerned but the reg. requires dr/mw's etc. to do the nb testing. says nothing about those of us who UC or who do not rush our nbs to a dr. after birth (baby has yet to see a dr. and prob. wont until at least the new year..he's 7 weeks now).

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