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Yaa Seventeen Mag!

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I was just at the Dr. office reading Seventeen mag (yes, yes I know but it was that or Good Housekeeping) and they had an article written by a teen mom.

Not only did they talk about natural birth and co-sleeping, but they mentioned breastfeeding several times, including one time when they mentioned that she pumps while away from the baby. They even mentioned that he mother watches the baby while she is in school

It was a great article. Talked about her going to college (on a scholorship) and working. They had a sample of her budget, and formula was not on it.

Now if only she had used cloth diapers!

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That is so great! Good for them. 17 Mag is one of the last places that I would expect to see anything about breastfeeding.
That is really cool. Hopefully it will inspire some other teen moms to breastfeed.
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