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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Was: WWYD re Mudpies?

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I got my custom order today! Stephanie was so nice to order from and the diaper and covers are totally beautiful.

The sad part is my fat baby has grown
: She fits into them but on the last snaps, so I don't anticipate enjoying them for long, the way she's packing it on.

What would you do? Sell them, wear them for as long as possible, trade? What are the odds someones mediums are too big (Jenn?)?

Little fatso

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Oh no!!! That quick growing stage is so frustrating!!!
Well if they dont fit and you want to get rid of them or will it would be best to do with as little wear as possible , Maybe a mama missed out or maybe if you havent even washed them yet steph will let you send them back at your cost and replace them with something that will?
If they are unwashed maybe return them? I think Stephanie has a return policy. If they have been washed I would say sell them. I had a simalar situation with a different brand of diapers and I was very sucessful at getting a majority of my money back by selling them! That is a tough call..I guess it would depend on how long I thought my little one woud be able to wear them KWIM. Good Luck!
BTDT! Josh continues to pack on the #s (we call him Moose or Monster baby LOL!) and a custom order we received barely fit him. I emailed the WAHM and she agreed to take back the first set and remade the dipes in the next size up. What do you have to lose for asking. Good luck mama
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I have a fast growing pudge too, but I just noticed this week that some of her mediums, which were on the last snaps, are now back to the second snaps. So, she is slimming down a little, or at least changing shape. So, you might consider saving them for a few months and see what happens.
They are unwashed and so pretty! Even the curious george dipe is pretty. I'm cuddling them right now
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Stephanie is going to let me exchange!! Woohooo. What a total sweetie. This totally made my day. I only wish I could transport them instantly so I could still hold them and pet them NOW!!! :LOL

Anyway, Stephanie rocks!!

In smalls I had ordered 2 pul covers with gussets, the red floral and the funky hello kitty. Also a small fitted in curious george, but I don't remember ordering the george :LOL I think I was so excited to have a slot I put the wrong print #.

They are stunning! I feel like a nerd saying that anywhere but here

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