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Yarn for baby clothes

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Hey mamas,

What kind of yarn would you use to make baby clothes out of? I've got plenty of wool for shorts and soakers, but thought about making some one piece rompers and tops... acrylic is nice and cheap, but I really don't think I want my baby wearing it in the summer... maybe I'm wrong?

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Lion Brand Cotton ease is really nice for kids wear. It has been discontinured but there are some Tuesday morning stores that still have it from last year and lots on Ebay. There are a couple of organic cotton yarns that are also really nice.
I love cotton ease for kids clothes. Knitpics also has a cotton blend that feels super soft. I haven't knit with it yet though.
I like washable stuff, so either superwash wool, or a cotton thing thats been knitted up large and expected to shrink. Blends are good too. I've been known to knit with good quality acrylic if the item is going to see hard wear.
I haven't actually tried this one but am planning to order some in a few weeks off of Patternworks -- Cotton Fine. 80% cotton, 20% wool. Looks like the sportweight version of Cotton Fleece. I want to try the KnitPicks one also that is the same fiber content. I believe that one is more of a DK or worsted weight.
Cotton definitely seems to be the consensus.

I do also like some superwash wool things, and cotton/wool blends.
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I've been wondering the same thing. I was assuming cotton. Today I found some bamboo yarn, has anyone used this? I'ts supposed to be really soft. would it be too warm? I've never used it before so I'm not sure what it's like. Sorry for asking my own questions on your thread
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