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yarn for gloves

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what should I use to make gloves for my kiddos? Warm, tough and maybe water resistant?
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How about something like Peace Fleece, then make them a tiny bit big and give them a bit of a felting?
I've used Cascade worsted for gloves for my 6 yo twins. He's really hard on his and they've basically become felted a little. (They get wet, then we dry them on a radiator) She's worn hers a lot (but not dug in the mud like he has) and they still look great.

I used a size 6 needle to get them tightly knit and as long as they don't dip their hands in a puddle, they stay dry on the inside.
I'd also recommend Cascade 220 too knit at a tight gauge a little large so you could felt them a little. You could even lanolize them a bit to make them more water-resistant.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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