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Yarn FS: handpaintedyarn - Oceanos 10oz

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** SOLD **

I have 10oz of pure wool in the 'Oceanos' colorway. 2 skeins of 3.5oz each and one skein of about 3oz, all already wound into center-pull balls. The color is a beautiful deep blue with variegated shades from pale (almost white) blue to a deep navy/midnight blue. I can send pics if wanted. This is gorgeous worsted weight and would make awesome longies/soaker or would work really well for a felted project too. Asking $20ppd or $7.50ppd for the 3.5oz skeins each and $6ppd for the 3oz skein.


eta: one 3.5 oz skein is wound into a center-pull and the other 2 are just wound into regular balls.
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Is it merino wool or just the regular wool?
It's not the merino, but still softer than manos and most other worsted non-merino's I know, in my (humble) opinion.
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