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Hello Ladies,

I have several skeins or part-skeins taking up room in my house that aren't being loved right now. Alot of this I have had since I started knitting and I just moved on. PLEASE make offers if you don't like my prices. I hate figuring out what to charge and I don't really care if I make a ton of money here. I just want it gone!

I will charge actual shipping

Sock Yarn-Self Striping, in Green 2 3/4 oz $8
and Purple 1 7/8 oz $6 or $12 for both
THese were originally about 3 1/2 oz skeins and there is more than enough for another adult pair of socks left in each.

Bellezza Stellina

2 skeins . I go back and forth on this as its really lovely, but its been months since I bought with no project in sight, so off it goes. $5 each or $8 for both

Lion Brand Jiffy
in a rose pink. This was the extra from a blankie I made for dd's dolls. knits up fast and soft. $2 or $1 with purchase

Mystery Yarn #1
This stuff I can't even remember where I bought it, but it's super soft, light worsted weight acrylic. I made a wee purse for my son out of these and had plenty left over. Close to 2 oz total weight. $2

Mystery Yarn #2
this was once used for a baby blankie for my dd. Who is now 6. lol I believe its all cotton, but don't hold me to that. It feels like a really soft, highly twisted, thick cotton. Heavy wortsed to bulky. 3 1/8 oz $4

Cascade 220 Orange wool. Well crud I don't have a pic of this one. It color 7824 on this page
almost 1 full oz left, trim on a soaker? add to a blankie? $2 pending

Large Blues Varigated Acrylic
This was bought for some charity knitting as would be good for toys, charity or gifting. The color is really true to the pic. 3 1/2 oz $3

Varigated Lion Wool

Awww. my first knitting yarn. And because I used it first, I can't stand the look of it now. lol. But it's nice for those who didn't spend 3 days working on a bib out of it... 1 1/2 oz $ 2

Needles $4 each, combine for discount
I bought the KP options and just don't need so many extra.

Metal Straights size 11

Boye interchangable circulars with size 8 tips

Boye? Metal circs 28 inch size 8
Boye? Metal Circs 32 inch size 10 (that 6.0 mm, size 10 right?)

Again, make me offers. Will bbl for a ISO list!

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You know what? I threw out the wrapper and I cannot for the life of me remember the brand. It's one of those german ones. I got it at my LYS and its nice. Knits up best on 1's or 2's. I tried it on 3's and it made it too loose for my taste.

Self patterning and really nice. It's not one of the really luxury yarns that sell for like 25 bucks a skein but its nice.
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