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:yawning: Teething, UGH!!!!!!

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DS, 6 months old, has two lower teeth coming. Last night was the worst. Our routine is generally that I put him in his crib at 9:30-10:30 p.m. and then he sleeps for 3 -4 hours. When he awakes, we co-sleep and nurse until the morning.

Yesterday, however, he went to sleep at 9:30 and awoke at 10:00 p.m. From 10 pm until 7 am this morning, it has been frustrating, back aching process of nurse, sleep, flip, cry, change boob, nurse, sleep, flip, cry (every twenty minutes)... I gave him Hylands and then in desperation aroung 5 a.m., I gave him Tylenol. I assume this is related to teething.

My question - I can see the tiny white portions of the teeth - how long before they are here?!!! DH will be out of town for a month for overseas business. And, DS teeth do not seem to have grown any since last night. The dog, DS and I are going crazy.
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It differs from baby to baby and then from tooth to tooth. DD1 would work on one stupid tooth for weeks before I could see anything, and then they took forever in coming all the way up. DD2 had a really bad day and then a bad night, and that was it for her first tooth, it only took a few days to come all the way. The 2nd one just appeared overnight.
: Now she is working on her 3rd and we are all miserable, it has been like this for a week and still no sign of a tooth.
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usually fo rus, nights that bad were few clumped together, so hopefully fo ryou a good night is just a couple of days away.

I agree with pp that the buds can take different amounts of time before teeth arrive... but I'll tell you our worst set of night were well after they had "arrived" when they must have been shifting and settling. ds would not let me put him down.

this too shall pass

I feel tylenol is a very resonable solution to dicomfort, I alternated it with hylands tablets
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I'm glad I found this thread...was about to post a similar question.

First - a question for lunapier - when you say "flip", are you talking about changing sides for nursing in bed? it might be possible to nurse from both breasts without changing sides - I figured out how to do it because I got tired of having to pick dd up and switch her to the other side of me. You might give it a try, I found it made a huge difference to my quality of sleep. I just roll a bit more onto my front and dd can reach up on a bit of an angle to nurse - it doesn't seem to bother her. It sounds awkward and precarious, but it really works well for us - maybe it can help you get through this.

I have a couple of teething-related questions (I'm not trying to de-rail this thread, please advise if it would be more appropriate to start a new one):
Is there any way to KNOW that dc's sleep disruption is from teething? What if there is no real change in behaviour/disposition during the day, does that make it less likely that teething is the problem at night? My dd has been gnawing on hard toys like crazy and her gums are getting "sharp", so I know there's something coming (she's 5 months old), and her sleep has been very fitful tonight. I just (like 10 minutes before finding this thread) gave her some tylenol (I don't have any Hyland's but will go looking for some tomorrow) and it seemed to settle her, but I was thinking that might just be the effect of the medication and not necessarily that any pain had been relieved.
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I found Hyland's at our local grocery store, so they are pretty widely available, I think.

I've heard ibuprophen recommended over tylenol because it is processed more easily by the body (through the kidneys, not the liver--so only needs water to leave the body?). Has anyone else heard the same thing?

So far my DS has been very lucky and has only needed Hyland's and a couple of sessions with an ice cube (I hold it for him and he rubs his gum/tongue on it). Best of luck to you and your DC!
ibprofen helps with inflammation (this is what happens to the gums when teeth are poping through), tylenol does not help inflammation. when my son is teething bad the only thing that calms him down is ibprofen, i hate doing it...but sometimes my sanity is at stake!
Have you tried Amber teeting beads? It is usually a necklace worn by the child and it is a natural way to relieve pain. As the body warms the beads it releases pain relievers into the skin. It is mineral and is used by a couple of my friends who swear by them. It works for any pain so is good for our time of the month too. I plan on wearing mine around the due date to see if it wont help the labor pains too. I know of wahm who sells them in different colors and styles. PM my if you want more info on her. Thanks and I hope baby sleeps better tonight.

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I could have written your post. Dd is almost 11 months and finally getting a tooth. The rough nights for us are exactly as you described and have been going on for a week. Today the tooth has finally poked through (and its sharp)! I don't know how long it will take to come all the way up though. We just got over a looong ear infection and I only got a week of halfway decent sleep between things.

Her gums were lumpy for a long time before we started having rough nights. As pp mentioned she was not crabby much during the day. She was a little more cuddly for a couple days, but not overly fussy. I swear she only teethed at night!
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I too was just going to post about an amber necklace. We got DD one when she was around 6-7 mos. old and she wears it all waking hours (she's 13 mos. now). I really think that it has helped to relieve the teething discomfort (she chews/drools a whole lot more when she isn't wearing it, and seems fussier too). She's currently working on tooth #7 (with #8 not far behind) and I haven't used any conventional meds with he at all. I use Hylands tablets or gel and also the Boiron teething stuff that comes in the single-dose liquid (can't remember name).

I hope that you find relief soon.
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