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Yay DH!!

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SO DH was at work the other day, and a customer (an older woman, about 65, he said) was there talking to one of his coworkers, and brought up something she heard recently about baby massage, and how "weird" it was (
: whatever...) and then proceeds to start talking about how she doesn't understand about all fuss going on about "natural" stuff, including BF, etc. You know, the standard "line".

So, DH just turns to both of them and says, "Well, all I know is I'm glad that my kids get the milk they were meant to, and not something fake out of a can."

Ahhh, how I love him.

He said she kind of stammered, and didn't have a response to that. Go figure.

ETA: I feel the need to add a disclaimer that our (DH and my) beef is with women who don't even consider BF because it's "gross" or whatever lame idea they have. I have nthing but sympathy and hugs for women who really want to BF and can't. The lady was just being very snarky, so DH gave it right back to her.
Disclaimer over.
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Yeah for him!!!
Yay!! Good for him! You know something interesting? I've noticed a lot of people don't make the connection that formula is FAKE!! I've said that before, and people kind of act like a lightbulb goes on in their mind! Good for him for speaking up to their ignorance!
for your DH.

BTW what he said was very sensitive to us struggling with low-supply. Stating he is "glad" his kids got the best is very positive
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What a GREAT guy!! I certainly LOVE to hear about the men supporting the BEST!
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