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Yay for freecycle!

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I just love love love freeccyle and wanted to make a happy post here about it. I love giving things away. We did some remodeling last year and found homes for so many things - ceiling fans, dining room table and chairs, lights, window blinds, doors, microwave, dishwasher, etc.

Today I was very fortunate to get a glider and ottoman for the new baby - I was so happy to see it posted last night and very lucky to be able to pick it up today. The rocker is in perfect condition and I plan to recover it. It was just such a nice thing to have someone give it to me.

What goodies have you given/received from freecycle?
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freecycle also!!!! I actually just posted a few items on it
We've gotten a piano, childrens clothes, play kitchen for the kids, baby items for my friend who does foster care and just a few weeks ago I got 2 huge bags of maternity clothes.... they were exactly my size and style!!!
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I have a love-hate relationship with Freecycle. I have never received anything from Freecycle, although I've responded to a couple of offers. I've fulfilled a few "Wanted"s. I offer things on there all the time. It seems like in our group, the same people are ALWAYS posting wants... pretty outrageous ones, too. (Most recently someone asking for a wall-mounted flat screen tv in working condition.
: ) Those same people are also the people who ALWAYS respond to offers. They always have an aunt, cousin, brother, sister, best friend's dog's cousin that DESPERATELY NEEDS what I have to offer!!!! I get a little nauseous at the greed I see on freecycle sometimes. It's like these people spend their days on the boards waiting to pounce.

That being said, my love of it is that I think it's a great idea. It would be nice to actually receive something ONCE through freecycle, though.
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Oh, to answer your question....

Received: Nothing (not for lack of trying)

Given (off the top of my head): older slow, but working computer, satellite system, double bed, rocker/recliner, end table, sofa, clothes, crib set, little tykes playhouse, sandbox, swing, grill, cloth dipes, and steel entry door.
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I love freecycle as well! So far I'm basically just giving things away since we are decluttering and finishing up a major remodel. it feels so good to pass things on and to free up space! I keep asking my husband "Anything else you want me to list on Freecycle?" its' not tied down, watch out!!!
I do want a piano so probably in the next week or two I will post a wanted. On our group we can only post "WANTED" items once a week.
I wish we had it within 100 miles! It's such a great program.

I just gave away a bunch of stuff on Freecycle. I've only ever asked for one thing but didn't get any offers. It was a big, kind of off-beat item, though (loft bed).

The other day I posted I had a cordless phone (it's not even a nice one, just a cheapo model that I never ended up using) and you'd think I said I had a chest of gold hidden under my house the number of responses I got. It was crazy. I didn't even get that many emails when I gave away a TV. People must really lurve their cordless phones!
I love freecycle. We have

Given: a boppy pillow, some craft supplies, many baby clothes, suitcases and back packs for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina that were staying in our city, we also gave away a '85 pontiac firebird that just needed a transmission. It was taken and picked up w/in an hour of posting.

Gotten: a huge box of magazines I needed for a hs project and a bread machine.
I listed some rocks from our garden and received a lot of responses! Sometimes I list something and think I'll get tons of replies, but I only get one, and then I list some oddball thing and I get swamped with them!
I'm with the above poster on the love/hate relationship. We have gotten some AMAZING things (rocker recliner, dresser for my son, gas grill, lawnmower, clothes dryer, diapers, clothes for all of us, nice sheet sets for our beds, etc, etc) and given away tons and tons of stuff. I always had pretty good luck with it. However, the last few weeks I've had TERRIBLE luck!! I've been trying to get rid of three chairs for at least a month now, and I'm up to 4 no shows. On Friday someone posted that they were having a family bar-be-que next weekend and needed some charcoal grills. Since we received the gas grill on Freecycle we hadn't used our charcoal grill any, so I wrote back and offered ours to her. It's in nice shape and perfect working order. She told me she'd come pick it up on Saturday afternoon. I sent my poor husband outside in his church clothes to wrangle it from teh side the of house so it would be sitting there for her when she came. We got home that evening and it was still sitting there. ARGH! I wrote her later yesterday (nearly 24 hours after she had said she was coming) to tell her that I was disappointed that she hadn't picked up or emailed and that I was offering the grill to someone else, it was no longer available. This morning I got up to a SNOTTY note from her that she didn't realize I was putting my world on halt for a bar-be-que grill, and something more important had come up. Niiiiiice. I offered her something she requested and I'm the jerk. It's certainly put a damper on my Freecycle enthusiasm. Sorry for the rant, but this has been on my mind all morning!
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ITA LittleOne- sometimes I have a hard time figuring how long I should wait for a reply or if I should just say "OK...the rocks are yours. Pick them up by 3pm or I go to the next one on the list". I feel like I would be coming across kinda nasty about the whole process, but yet how long should I wait? Especially when there are others who want the item?
I usually put "Priority given to speedy pick-up" and then whoever replies first gets it. Kinda sticky issue, I want to remain "light and friendly" but I'm also anxious to get rid of my stuff!!!
I can't remember everything that I've received or given away over the years.

I've given away magazines, seeds, seedlings, non-working foodsaver.

Received: magazines, candle supplies, breastmilk storage bottles, jars

Since gas is more expensive, there have been fewer responses to my offers. Overall, that has been nice since I could get 20 responses for a pile of old magazines.
Received: Blues Clues and Sesame Street items for dd, a very old but working TV.

Given: huge bag of Mega Block-type blocks and a few other toys, lots of nice baby/toddler clothes, diapers that we'd tried but didn't work for dd, and I'm about to give away some kids' books and videos.

So far, I've not had a problem with no-shows, but I have had some rude responses (couldn't they at least say please and thank you?) Luckily, I've had other, more polite responses and I go with those first.
i've had good luck with freecycle- I've Several baby/toddler items I gave away were picked up by old friends of mine from high school (that's what happens when you have kids a decade ahead of most of your peers.)
That's so awesome!

We decluttered the barn this weeknd and were able to pass on: high chair, wading pool, potty chair, microwave oven, cat climbing house, pet carriers (3) - JUST THIS WEEKEND! woohoo! we also passed along a queen bed 2 weeks ago

Best things we've had from Freecycle:

doll's bed for dd's birthday
chest of drawers (now repainted, repaired and in dd's room)

We definitely don't get as many replies as we used to, as we're quite a way from the city, but I'm still a big fan...
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We've given tons of stuff away - working and not and it's crazy what you will get lots of responses for.

I've really scored a few times too, but I refuse to drive far with the price of gas, so I don't try for much.
I've received:
cloth diapers
maternity clothes
felted sweaters for covers
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