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At the reccomendation of my biological dentist I finally got to an Orthodontist today for a consult to see if I need braces. I just settled with the guy my hmo sent me to- not expecting much.

Well, not only did he have excellent "beside manner"/communication skills...but on my intake form I stated that I refused any thing with amalgam/mercury or nickel. When he read that he said, "I am with you on that. It's scary that insurance companies push people in that direction as well. My Father has Alzheimers and I can't help but wonder if it is related to mercury..". He DID say studies are coming out that say amalgam is safe, but the fact that he acknowledged and agreed with my concern rather than poo-poo it like my hmo dentist made my day.

Also- rather than try to make himself more money he gave me the option of retainers instead of braces..saving me thousands of dollars.

So if you live in the Palm Desert/Palm Springs area I recommend Barton Soper!
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