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Yay- he's finally being 2!

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Our 2yo has always been a really passive/laid back/super easy kid. So many people made comments about how 'good' he was, while I worried because he was completely silent. He did whatever was in front of him at the time, and wasn't seeking out new opportunities- very little intensity or initiation. This child had never had a tantrum.... until.....

We've been involved with several different therapies now and he is finally yelling at us when we ask him to do something he doesn't want to. He's no longer content to do whatever happens to be there, and all in all- he's turning into his own little stubborn and opinionated person (can't imagine where he got those traits

No one in our day to day life understands why we are celebrating this shift, and instead I keep getting comments about what a good baby he used to be. *sigh*
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Congratulations! You should be happy and proud. I cried with joy the first time my son lied. I was so proud. The first time he stomped up the stairs and told me "I hate you, Mama!" I called my mom and bragged. Every typical moment is important. Good babies are overrated, besides at two years old, he not a baby.
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That is so awesome! Congratualtions! What a milestone!
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