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I rarely come in here because I thought I was kind of beyond the baby-wearing age with my 25lb (ish) 20 month old
: but this weekend we decided to join some people for an impromptu trip into DC for a rally in support of the / bono/u2 africa crisis thing. We parked near the arlington cemetary and walked to the lincoln memorial (around the construction so that added a bit to the trip.) It was definately several miles - I think 3 ish each way. Anyways I had made a modified version of a podegi carrier a while ago and luckily had it in the diaper bag and just strapped her on for the hike. It was GREAT! No back pain/shoulder pain. I had my hands in my pockets or hooked my thumbs in the front or sometimes she had her arms around me and held my hands (
: ).

You can see pics here:

I had no idea that it would be comfortable! The guys that went with us were asking me all about natural parenting and it was really great!
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