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We saw the pediatrician today for my son's two-month WBV. He asked me if I was breastfeeding, and gave me a big smile and said "Great!" when I said yes. A little while later he asked if I was giving vitamins. I told him that his nurse practitioner had recommended them to me but that I hadn't looked into it yet.

He siad, "You know, I'm kind of wishy washy about that. I've never seen an exclusively breastfed baby with rickets. The endocrinologists really push vitamin D, but... philosophically, I just can't wrap my mind around the idea that breastmilk wouldn't have everything he needs."

I said, "You mean, like, how would the human race have survived?" He laughed. Then we both agreed that a few minutes of sunlight a day will probably provide all the Vitamin D my son needs, and went on to something else.

It's so nice to have confirmation that I have the right doctor for my kids.
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