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Remember that 50% off sale that had a while back? Well the two that I ordered for my daughter arrived yesterday (I wanted custom dyed yarn so had to wait for the sheep to be sheared in April). I must tell you mama's that the colours (Sunburst and Seaside) are absolutely stunning IRL. I sent some pictures of dd Sahara wearing the Sunburst one to Kristen and hopefully she will put one into her gallery.

The wool is a little scratchier than the supersoft wool jersey that I'm used to using on her but it's still pretty soft and Sahara doesn't seem to mind at all (she's very vocal and if she had a problem with them she'd let me know for sure!!!)

I must say that I am SUPER excited about using these as 'shorts' over the summer they're just SO cute!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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