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I have definitely noticed, even in the last few years around here, that I have found more moms (many who are relatively mainstream as well) saying they won't be circ'ing.

In fact, the last two moms I sent information to (I was a little concerned about it as one especially is pretty mainstream) BOTH replied to me afterwards that they had researched further and discussed with DH and they were keeping their sons WHOLE! So, I've been encouraged.

The thing about circ...if people talk about it...anyone going into researching with an open mind about it WILL choose not to circ. It's that obvious! So, the key is to get the information out there, and to get people to talk about it.

I wish that my mom had done it with my brother. If she had, I may have had two intact nephews. My brother was circ'd without permission after he was born. My brother grew up thinking this was normal and that our Dad must have been as well. But, our Dad was intact and *knew* having a whole penis was better (his words according to my mom). Not wanting him to get a complex they never told him the circumcistances surrounding his circumcision. Because of this, my brother just "assumed" it was done for some good reason and went and had his two sons cut. To match. That was actually the term they used last year when my mom asked about it.

I don't know that my mom even told him. But, someday, I will likely be sharing the information with my nephews.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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