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Yeah!!!! I made it far enough!!!

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I mostly just lurk here but I am excited and wanted to share
!! After 2 weeks of lots of contractions, I was worried that I would not get to have a home birth. Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks so if I go into labor at any time, I can now have a home birth!! Now I can relax and wait for nature to take it's course (hopefully sooner rather than later but I'm not holding my breath
!!) It's such a relief to get to this point!! Now I just have to worry about getting him out before 42 weeks
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Congrats and RELAX!! Enjoy the last few days or weeks before your baby gets here!
That is a great feeling! I remember reaching 37 weeks and just relaxing because my homebirth was official.
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I know- I worried about the 42 weeks. i wish now I had not. DD was born healthy at 41 weeks and 5 days. 12 days after the edd. She was great.
You will do great!
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