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Yeah ummmm...I think the diaper fairy should win the lottery and......

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Bring me one of those red dragonfly 140$ Zolo slings. LOL. Seriously...someone call my husband at his office and tell him to buy Mamma one to cheer me up!

Then tell him to call KSS and MM and get me some soakers, even if he has to pay extra to get in! LOL. Salivating for a KSS soaker with a butterfly on the butt! Or some longies in pink! We should institute a call the hubbie fairy so he will suprise us with stuff we want!!!!

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You know, I often wonder if I won the lottery and phoned up Elbee, if I offered her double the money, would she make my order right now?! Of course I would offer to pay for the next 100 in line as well
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Yes, if the diaper fairy became a sling fairy, she could definately bring me a silk EBMT!
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