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yeast diaper rash

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i am sure this has been brought up a million times but now its my turn..

dd is 6 months old and has a yeast diaper rash that i cannot get rid of. she was ebf until just recently when we started organic vegetables. she had it before starting food but it has gotten worse since then (coincidence?). she is in a combo of cloth and disposables (neither seems to make it better).

i try to keep her clean and dry. i have tried nystatin ointment and powder. its too cold to keep her naked and when i do she scratches.

its not horrible (i have seen pics of horrible).

are there some natural remedies i can try? when my gf had thrush she treated it with dilute GSE but i dont know if i can try that on her crotch..

is is time to look at what I am eating??

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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What works wonderfully for us is Gentian Violet. It is messy as all get out, but it does the trick!!! I just try to be really really careful when I put it on. But DS got ahold of the bottle one time and he had purpl hands for several days and a purple face, and I have permanant purple stains on my carpet.
But it works. It is the only thing that works for us. DD has a perpetual rash on her bum....I have the nystatin stuff as well, doesn't do it for me. If I keep Gentian Violet on her butt, the rash stays away. So, essentially she has a constant purple butt.

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My DD was prone to yeasty diaper rashes. What I ended up doing was putting a little bit of tea tree oil into a big bottle of baby oil, and using that medicated oil on a damp baby wipe when I cleaned her during diaper changes. When I washed her bottom in the sink, I would apply the oil after patting her dry, before putting on the fresh diaper.

She never had any yeast problems after I started using the tea-tree enhanced oil. If I had it to do over again, I would use a vegetable oil rather than mineral oil.

I forget the exact proportions I used, but I do remember testing it on myself to make sure it wasn't irritating.
DD has had the same thing few times and Grapeseed oil saved her- the first time we used it, the rash was totally gone in a day- Just let your babe have a lot of nude bum time and keep it moist with the oil- I also use it to make her wipes- some hot water, grapeseed oil and a few drops of lavender on paper towels.
works like a dream!
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