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Yeast Diaper rash?

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DD has had this horrible recurring rash and the ped thinks it's yeast. I always thought that yeast had raised white bumps, but this looks like a burn. They said it can look like that too. They gave us Nystatin prescription rash cream, is there anything natural I can use to help clear it up?
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I have heard about some mamas filling a diaper with plain (NOT VANILLA) yogurt and having him sit in it for a while. It works for mamas too. Just really messy.
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Acidophilus works wonders. It's what's in the yogurt that will help heal the yeast rash either by eating it or having it applied onto the skin.
Here is a good resource. HTH! We just got over a terrible diaper rash that may have been yeast. Hope yours clears up soon!
Our Target pharmacy carries probiotics in adult and infant strengths. I keep some in the fridge for yeast just in case. It generally helps clear it up quite quickly.
so if I have powdered acidophilus (I feed it to her in her yogurt when she's sick or has had a tummy bug) could I conceiveably mix it in with her rash cream and that may help? I'm using the nystatin 3X a day just wondering what to do in between.

Also, I have her in sposies because I don't know what this stuff will do to my diapers. Do I need to clean my diapers any special way to make sure it doesn't reinfect her? I know I've heard of bf'ing mama's with thrush boiling their bras and stuff??
just bumping this up in case anyone has an answer to the last question...or should I cross post it elsewhere?
Darnit, the diaper rash I thought we got rid of is back again.
I'm wondering if it might be yeast. Beachbaby, what did your baby's diaper area look like? DD has raised red rashy areas, with small red dots around the bigger areas, but no "pustules" that I can see. I don't know if it's just dermatitis or what. It's SO frustrating to not be able to get a handle on this!!!
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