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Yeast Guard Advanced while PG

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I am 17 +5 with a diagnosed yeast infection. I was told to use one of the many 7 day otc treatments, I tried to call the midwife but she is not in until 1pm tom. I would rather use something natural. Is yeast guard adavanced safe or can I use garlic?. I am also nursing a 2.6 year old. Thanks in advance!
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garlic may do the trick. You can try tonight and see if there is any relief. You can use a few drop of tea tree essential oil in a douche. And there is always plain yogurt diluted a bit as a douche, also very soothing.
Thanks, I just checked and I have no garlic,gauze or plain yogurt. Is the yeast guard safe. I just found out from an IBCLC that is ok nursing. I just need to find out if it safe during pg.
Thanks for letting us know that yeast guard is okay for nursing! I was wondering.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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