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yeast rash and CD's ??

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When your child has a yeast rash does that mean your diapers are contaminated? If so how do i make sure this is not an reoccuring event as far as cleaning my diapers go? We use mostly FB and HH but i do have prefolds and several fitteds .... Thanks ...

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The yeast will stay in the dipes. You just need to make sure to wash them really, really hot. With dd, we turned up our hot water heater. Gentian violet stains dipes too, which is a bummer. You would treat it the same way that you would treat candida in the breast - keep it dry, new towels, new bras everyday, etc.
Something is telling me that bleach works to kill the candida in the dipes. Does that sound familar to anyone else?
We are dealing with yeast right now. I have to change my diet and i am starting some natural remedies. Someone, dont remember who told me wash on hot and use some TTO for its antibacterial qualities.
DS and I have been in yeasty land for the last few weeks. Here's what I found out:

1) Crank up your water heater. Your water has to be at least 122 deg. to kill yeast, so mine's at 130 or so. I used a cooking thermometer in the washer to see how hot it was.

2)GSE (Grapefruit seed extract) works well for disinfecting things that can't be washed in hot. 30 or so drops in the final rinse. You can also make up a solution of GSE and water, soak some cotton balls and use them on his bum. (Doesn't burn)

3)Lots of times diaper rash is accompanied by thrush even if there are no symptoms. Everything the baby uses should be disinfected including pacifiers and toys otherwise, you may infect his mouth w/ thrush.

4) Vinegar will kill yeast. Make a mild vinegar/water solution and swab his tushie if there are no open sores. (May burn) You can also add it to the rinse water for laundry.

Hope that helps
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