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Yeast Rash Fix?

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Hey all,
My bf 7 mos DD has had on and off again yeast rash since she was about 1 mo. Dr says to use Lotrimin/athlete's foot cream - yuck! Is this the only way to cure a yeast rash?
Would love your thoughts/advice!
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tea tree oil mixed iwth calendula and witch hazel, or just spray colloidal silver on it. Works like a charm! tto is a very potent anti-fungal and works pretty darn quick though. I prefer colloidal silver just for the ease, and it's perfectly safe for external use. Some say it's fine to ingest and I agree, but there is NO problem with spraying it on the bum!
dr. jay gordon discusses his favorite treatment for thrush (grapefruit seed extract) here and even mentions wiping the diaper area with a solution of distilled water and grapefruit seed extract for yeast rash:

i've had success sprinkling baby formulated acidophilus on ds' bottom. i also use coconut oil first, then sprinkle liberally. otherwise, i use a spritz with TTO and witch hazel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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