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Ok, so my son has had the worst diaper rash for about 2 months. It shows up then goes away then comes back an goes away. Well, last week it showed up and it hasn't gone away.

Quite frankly I had never heard of a yeast rash but someone onhere saw me post in another thread that that is probably wht it I went to and saw a photo and it is def a yeast rash.

So, I've been treating it with acidolphilus. I only have the liquid not the powder form, don't have the money to buy the other but the guy at GNC...who says he has 4 kids used the liquid not the powder and said it works fine...

Anyway, I change his diaper today and as I'm cleaning him up he starts to bleed! I can't tell if it was from a broken blister or if it was from his penis. He just got blisters there yesterday. It seemed as if the rash was going away but it got worse yesterday.

Should I just go get some monistat? I have been doing acidophilus all week to no avail...
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