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yeast rash!

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I need yeast infection help! We're having trouble with our cloth diapers the past few months. We've never had issues before, but he keeps having recurring yeast infections and I'll strip and *sterlize* so to speak the dipes and use yeast infection cream for at least 7 days and it will go away and then I'll start using cloth again and it comes back!

I've been adding acidoplilus to his milk daily, are there any other natural remedies that can help get rid of yeast? Obviously the otc cream is no longer working.

Should I be doing something else to the dipes? Changing more often? (we use mostly pocket diapers)

Please Help!!
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just wanted to mention that if you are still breastfeeding, you may be passing a yeast/thrush infection back and forth.
Nystatin is often prescribed if you go to a doc. There is an oral that goes from their mouth to anus route and there is also a cream.
other than that gentian violet can help but I'm not sure how to use it for just a diaper rash...
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