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Yeeeah for wool soakers!

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I traded amarasmom for a beeeeutiful lime soaker and DS wore it to lunch today. We met a friend of mine at the restaurant and she said "oh! I love his little shorts!" I said "its actually a diaper cover, he's in cloth". She was all interested, but said she would never have had the patience for cloth. I told her it really wasn't a big deal and showed her the dipe in my bag (which happened to be one I made. She was in awe and just said "gosh you're like supermom!" :LOL if only she knew how easy it is!
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Awww, you ARE supermom!!! Cool! I whipped out my Angelwraps QD AIO's at the supermarket last week to show the clerk and she just couldn't believe it was a diaper (she said how cool Braden's flames HH was).
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That's awesome--I love how wool soakers are such a good ad for cloth. Actually everything I use is a pretty good ad for cloth and i change him around friends (or sometimes even in public in the grass at the park or in the corner of someone's living room) often.
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Yea! I'm glad you like it.

I'd love to see a picture when you get a chance.
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