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I'm sorry, I don't know where to post this so I'm popping it in here. If the powers that be move it... please PM me and let me know where to find it- please?

my ds turned 3 on March 7th. He completley weaned himself around the 4-6. Over the last 3 days my breasts have been unbelievabley painful and totally uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do to ease the "drying up"process? My ds had only been nursing once a day, at night, for about 2 months prior to completley stopping (and for under 5 minutes each time)... So I didn't think I had that much milk left!

I'm begging you all for some ideas/advice on this before the pain makes me crazy!!!
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What you can do is hand express off just enough milk to relieve the pressure - you don't want to express/pump too much, as that will stimulate more milk production. But if you just relieve the pressure a bit, that will help keep you comfortable while your body stops making milk. Watch out for plugs! You might try warm compresses and ibuprofen to help, and if a plug starts, you can take lecithin to keep the milk from backing up too badly. More info here:

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