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Yeoow! Chiro Question

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My left leg feels like its going to pop out of my hip pretty often. I'm seeing a chiro but only monthly at this point.

I know there are a few on this board so maybe you can suggest some exercises or things I could do.
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belly dancing or massage may help , sitting in a warm tub, sleeping with pillows between your legs and some others supporting your back or under your belly so it isn't hanging while you are sleeping and pulling on your back
try hands and knees position and see if it gives you some relief
go to the chiro more often== maybe you can find someone who offers clinic with an inexpensive monthly plan so you can go as often as you need I know that his can help alot of moms.
:LOL i totally thought this thread was going to be about churro's for some reason.
Mmmmm... churros....

I am actually calling tomorrow to see about going to a chiro. I got a referal from a friend whos whole family went there (her husband had major debilitating back issues). They are pregnancy and child friendly. I can't wait. I don't have any advice, but all I can say is go to the chiro more often if you can afford it. Also see about the monthly plan. My friend's husband was charged $75 a month, and was allowed up to 3 visits a week, that is like $6 a visit! The chiros I have been to in the past are so awesome about working with you financially, especially with a pregnant momma.
Megan, it's very hard to say w/o doing an exam on your or at least having more information. It would be best to ask your chiropractor. My guess is that you are having issues with the ligament laxity normal to pregnancy combined with lumbar or pelvic instability. But that's purely a guess.

As a personal/professional note, I do see my pregnant patients more than once a month. I get checked more often than that, so I would at least check my patients that often (if they don't need adjusted, I don't adjust them or charge them for that visit).
I'm the one that chose the frequency of visits. He really didn't comment but did say he recommended I come in more often especially at the end of pregnancy.
has he given you any exercies to strengthen muscles and help with stability issues you might have? I know my DH does that with his patients.
He recommended pelvic tilts.

This "seperation" feeling is new though, I didn't have it the last time I saw him.
i have this problem and sometimes lots of pain with it. i see my chiro right now about 1X a week. i cant afford it but i cant stand the pain. i also have to wear a chiro belt thing around my butt and hips b/c my joints are so lax that there really is no way to stabilize them much. had it last time too and the belt got me thru. i do prenatal yoga which is supposed to help too i guess. i dont like it much but i go. the other thing that i think helps but i am not 100% sure is traumeel in a tube cream stuff. it is a homeopathic thing and it seems to really work on sore joints but maybe it is just getting better on its own?? i dunno how to explain this b/c it really seems to work but i am not sure if it would work for everyone or if i am having a placebo effect or something. i love that stuff though. my chiro recommended it for my sore shoulder ( i am a hurtin unit) but i just try it everywhere.
I had that too but my right hip did actually dislocate several times. I went to chiro 3x a week and massage once a week, I did have one of the belts as mentioned above and it helped, I wore it to bed as that's when my hip actually popped out (talk about a rude awakening!)

If you'd like, I'd be happy to send it out to you, you can see if it helps. My insurance paid for it, so it's not like it cost me anything. (I don't know if it will fit you though, after 2 yrs of steroids for my arthritis before we got a pregnancy to stick, I was a little hippy
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Oh, and carefull with pelvic tilts until your chiro sees you again, mine told me to stop them immediately when I started to dislocate. (I still can't do them now)
Thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can hold out till next week (payday) since I already have an appt scheduled.
I know he is really good about working with families for discounts.
Megan, I'd agree with Kristin, get in there and get some attention! If you lived here I'd be all over you!
I tend to see pregnant patients more often toward the end of their term, however, since this is your second, the ligament laxity may be more pronounced. I think a maternity belt is good help too. ( Let me know what the cost is, I may be able to get a deal.
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I have one maternity belt but it doesn't seem to do much. I may need to invest in a better one.
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