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If the baby came when ready, when did your first baby show up?

  • Before week 38

    Votes: 7 7.4%
  • During weeks 38-39

    Votes: 28 29.8%
  • During week 40

    Votes: 30 31.9%
  • During week 41-42

    Votes: 22 23.4%
  • After week 42

    Votes: 7 7.4%

Yet another baby arrival poll

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The other thread got me thinking, a due date is one day, and it's harder to hit a small target than a large one. So while I'm sure many people answered that poll the way I'm going to ask this poll, I thought I'd do one that's a little more specific.

If you were not induced and did not have a scheduled c-section for your first baby, when did the baby arrive? I'm trying to aim this at when first babies are usually ready to come out on their own so please don't feel offended if this poll doesn't apply to you.
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I put week 40, even though she was recorded as coming at 39w4d.

Reason being, my cycles were off, and I was fairly certain that my due date 'had' to be at least a certain date based on my CF observation, date of intercourse, and so on. I told the CNMs my LMP was a different date than it was.

If I'd stayed with my original 'due date,' and one that I now think was probably pretty correct, based on my charts and my expanded knowledge
, then she was born on her EDD and therefore week 40.
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My first came on his due date. Not the date the OB's gave me based on LMP but the date I told them (and they ignored). He was born on the EXACT date that I thought he was due, which was easy to know since I saw my husband for exactly 2 days in a 6 week time frame
: (he was mobilized with the military!)
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Both my first and my second came 5 days early (MW's said they both looked about a week late though), I know the dates were right because I knew when I ovulated
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This is so interesting, thanks mamas! I'm loving the mini bell curve we've got started here.
my first little one came 10 days late

My second came 1 week before his "due date" but my midwife feels strongly he was earlier than that, probably a 38 weeker and my due date was off.

My third one came just six hours after his "due date" ended (due the 20th born in the wee hours of the 21st!)
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DD1 arrived 8 days before EDD.
DS was born at 41 weeks, 4 days based on LMP. From the date we DTD to his birth was actually exactly 9 months
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He is written down as and I say 38 wks 2 days, however, he looked like a 36 weeker and based on the birth weights of my other two, I would say that is probably correct. I still say 38 wks 2 dsya though because it is easier.

Namaste, Tara
My first came right at 36 weeks. PROM, then labor. 20 hours later, I had a baby.
My first came at 38w1d. I wasn't induced, but I had been using EPO vaginally, and I'm not convinced he was 100% ready - just "ready enough".
DD came 10 days before my EDD.
Past 42 weeks - 15 days. That's according to LMP, of course, which I now think was inaccurate and he was only about a week past EDD.

I like how the poll is a nice little curve though.
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40W 2D, which I know to be right because we were tracking my BBT. So, we think he was born eaxactly 40 weeks after implantation. Very punctual boy!
ds came 11 days before EDD.
Ds came 8 days before his due date.....almost 7 (he was born at 11:47 pm)
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39 weeks 4 days
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