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Yet another Newbie!

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I am so glad to find you all! I am Dana, SAHM to Madelyn and wife to Jeremy. We live near Grand Rapids, Mi. I can't wait to get to know all you ladies! (and hello Amalie and else here that I know?)
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s up

welcome to mdc!
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Welcome to the boards
You know me! Ok...not really. But welcome anyway!
Hello all~

im kelly, 30, an ap'ing , bf'ing
: sahm to my 2 girlies, kya, 2 1/2 and carson, my little june bug, going to be one on the 15th!! where did the time go? im married to my wonderful dh,
jasn and we live in clinton, ms. i just love that my friend stacy told me about this site! i just love it!
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Wife to Dominic

Mama to Issi
& Griffin
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Welcome to MDC!
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