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Yet another potty question...

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Dd has decided she is ready to use the potty. I was feeling very laid back, not in a rush, etc. She came to this on her own which is fabulous. She's 28 months, BTW.

Anyhoo, when she is nakey at home she is 100% with the potty, no accidents, she will pee and poop on her own without even telling me she has to go. It's adorable because I will just find her in there on her little potty, it plays a song when she goes so I hear it across the house.

The problem is that she treats her underwear like a diaper, she just pees or poops in it without hesitation and doesn't seem to care. She was cloth diapered from birth so I don't know if she became used to the feeling of wet cloth and it doesn't bother her or what.

She can't go nakey forever so how do I get her to get the gist of the undies idea?
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