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Okay, so I made my first dipe tonight! Yaaaaay! I used the free Rita's Rump Pocket pattern and it was so easy and cute. I don't have a pic yet because my machine, which has been about to go for a very long time, broke the needle when I was topstitching
. So it doesn't have that super-cute finished look. As soon as I borrow another and finish topstitching I'll take a pic to brag!

At any rate, I used soft flannel and already have some stuffin's from my brief experience with cding my son. One question though..

Are there separate patterns for covers or do I have to tweak a regular pattern to make a cover? I understand the idea of using PUL or whatever, but if I'm not making a pocket with the PUL but only a COVER then is it only a single layer entity?

I guess now that I've conquered a pocket fitted, the whole idea of covers is bumfuzzling me a little bit.

Thanks ladies! =)

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