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OK, I'll admit it - Harrison occasionally wears disposies - namely when he goes to Mother's Day Out or is spending a few hours with my grandma. Anyway, apparently one of these disposies got tossed in the cloth diaper pail. I think DS himself is actually the cultprit - I know *I* didn't do it, and DH swears up and down it wasn't him.

Anyway, I didn't find out about it until I opened the washing machine after running a rinse cycle to add the detergent - and lo and behold there is an EXPLODED pampers in there.
Those @#)$#$)* gel beads were EVERYWHERE in there. I didn't know one diaper could hold so much nasty goo. I'm just so upset. Those gross little beads were clinging to everything. I donned the rubber gloves, took everything out one piece at a time and shook it out as well as possible then wiped out the machine. I just started a cycle, so we'll see how it goes. There was still a lot of the stuff stuck into my velour and hemp fleece type things. I have a lot of irreplaceable things in there - I sure hope it turns out ok!
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