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Hi, wiseones -<br><br>
So we've been looking for an Old English Sheepdog to adopt, sort of half-heartedly. We know we want to do it, but haven't been pushing it - when the right dog appears, we'll know, kind of attitude.<br><br>
We are in a lot of transitions right now as a family - in job search and may move, etc.<br><br>
So yesterday I saw that a young male OES mix is at the local pound. Today DH and the kids (3 and 1 yo) went to see him while I was at work. DH says he's kinda sick (kennel cough) and that he initially stayed with the handler rather than coming to meet DH & the boys, but did warm up after a few minutes, but was very quiet. DH says he can't tell if the dog is naturally quiet or just doesn't feel good, but showed no signs of aggression.<br><br>
At first they said the dog wasn't up for adoption b/c he's been there for a while and isn't well yet. But then another shelter employee said, no, that's not right, he is adoptable. DH (I think) feels sorry for the dog, likes it okay, and went ahead and filled out the paperwork for adoption. I have to go meet the dog tomorrow.<br><br>
Does anybody have any good ideas about how to evaluate this dog? I'm concerned about interaction with rowdy kids, mostly, I guess. Most OES rescues won't place dogs in homes with young children, although we had an OES b/f kids and are comfortable with the idea in general of having one w/kids. This is a kill shelter, so does anyone have any suggestions of what to do to help this dog if I don't feel right about adopting him?<br><br>
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