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I was so excited to make me a peanut butter and fresh honey sandwich.
I got out a all ready open container of peanut butter and it smelled and tasted a little it seemed a little stale. So I had my daughter go back in our pantry and grab a unopened one. I opened it and scoped a tiny bit out to taste it and YUM it was good and my daughter did a little taste also. I then remembered that the brand I was using had a recall thing going on not to long ago with the selamanila thing. So I thought I better go on line and see if mine was one of them. So I went on and it said that the number had to start with 211 and I looked on my bar code and it didn't start with 211 so I thought "I am good to go". I then scoped out a big amount into a cup to mix it with the honey and I put the lid on and noticed there were numbers on the lid and it started with the 211.
So I went back online and found a different artical that said you go off of the numbers on the lid.
Boy that was close I almost ate it and I was planning on making it extra extra peanut buttery. I am also glad I remembered the recall and just happen to see the numbers on the lid because I was looking at the bar codes at first.
It is amazing a pregnant hungery women like my self just didn't dive in.

So just remember to check your food for the recall right when it happens and not put it off like I did and almost forget about it. I also called poision control and asked the if my duaghter and I would be ok for tasting a tiny bit and he said that it is very unlikely that we would get sick off of that.

p.s. I now don't get my peanut butter and honey sandwich any one want to e-mail me some peanut butter?

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Originally Posted by quetinha View Post
I need my Peanut Butter everyday

Me too! Everyday when I get home from work ds and I have a sandwich with peanut butter and some of dh's aunt's homemade jam YUM!
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