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i'm doing a load of wash this morning and everytime i changed ds he pooped. 3 dipes in 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! (gotta love breastmilk) so i put on my last motherease and bring him down to jump online for a sec. i hear ANOTHER poop. i figured i'd read "just one more post" then change him. i turn around and he is fast asleep!

don't you hate the first poopy dipe after you wash??? it has to sit alone in a clean liner for the next 2-3 days! ick - and i know when i pull it out to wash on friday it will be that yucky - dry green!

i'm only on the prewash but he could nap for hours and i want to hang the dipes outside today on this beautiful but chilly day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is snoring loudly now - just mocking me!!!
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