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i've never done prenatal yoga or any yoga at all....

I have some issues with ptl...not really diagnosed with it with this pregnancy but was with my son...but I have my fair share of regular intense contractions.

Do you think that yoga might help that...that and I'm looking for a way to get a little more active and not have to go outside (long story/explination)

Anyway, is it "safe" if you have ptl concerns?

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I cannot speak to the ptl part at all, however, I can say that I did prenatal yoga all during my first pregnancy and it was great. Not only did I enjoy it while I was pregnant, but I feel like it helped my tremendously during my birth.

Our instructor was always telling us to take it easy and only do as much as it felt good to do, so on that basis alone it doesn't seem like it would be risky. However, your doctor or midwife would be the person to ask about that! And cetainly, don't take a class if the instructor is really pushing people to go outside of their comfort zone.
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