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yoga balls on sale

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at sears I saw 3 different sizes for 6.50 each. not sure if they are available online but i paid twice that at ross and they are 12 at walmart too.
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Can't see anything online, but thank you!! it is!! $7.99 on the main page - $6.49 once you click it! US site.

Too bad they wont ship to Canada, I had 6 in my cart
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Evidently there is a huge sale at Sears this Saturday (today) and I've been wanting a yoga ball badly! I had one, but it popped when we moved!
Ooh awesome, I just found em online! Thanks!
I don't see this info online. Does anyone know the weight limits on there, and are they burst proof?
The Sear's ones don't show weight limits, just heights and the ones on sale are not burst proof-those are 29.99. There are some burst proof at walmart for 19.99 but usually the anti-burst ones are $20-30. I love using them to sit at my computer and it's especially helpful when pregnant. Mine helped turn my daughter while I was in labor. I hightly recommend spending the extra money for the anti-burst ball especially if you're going to use it during pregnancy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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