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Yoga for babies?

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I was not sure where to put this..........

I was wondering if any of you is doing yoga with your baby/babies? At what age can I start doing yoga with my baby - and I mean I want the baby/child do the yoga, not just be there with me. I have not done much yoga myself yet, but I really wanna get into it and I really want my baby to do it once he is old enough. Do you know any videotapes or book for yoga for babies or small children?
I really really want him to start as soon as possible so he does not lose his baby flexibility and the ability to breath correctly, KWIM?
Thanks for help!
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I haven't done it yet...but there is a woman here that does classes for mom and baby that start "as soon as mom feels ready to get back into it, usually about 10 weeks post-partum"

I'd love to do this, but would have to be when my 3.5 yr. old is otherwise occupied. The classes are not on a day when she has morning preschool.

Ah, Athens, I used to live there...(went to Grad school for a few years...and a few years more that it should have taken)
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I started going to Mom and Baby yoga classes when dd was 4 weeks - I had a c-section so that was the soonest I was ready to go. Anneke loves it. I think it's up to you how soon you go.
After I had my son, postpartum yoga classes started at 6 weeks. Because we moved shortly after, we didn't get to enjoy many of them....

So I used the book, "Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby":

I think it's excellent! It's divided into sections for poses and exercises you can do within the first few weeks after birth, then 6-12 weeks, then 3-6 months, etc. I don't think someone who is new to yoga would have problems following it.

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