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Yoga question

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I want to get back in doing yoga again - it's been a few years and I wasn't real serious even then, but have been going to classes here and there. We are currently TTC our 2nd. How long can I attend a regular yoga class for if I get pregnant? At what point should I switch to a prental class? What should I know/not do in a yoga class during the early stages of pregnancy?

Any feedback/knowledge you have about this is much appreciated.
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I am currently in a prenatal class. A good yoga instructor will let you know, even if you take a regular class, what you should and should not do. In general, in prenatal classes, we do down dogs and other standing postures with our legs further apart to accommodate our growing bellies, but this really wouldn't be an issue until you were general you do what is comfortable and ease up on any posture that is designed to exercise your tummy muscles Talk to your instructor...I'm sure he/she will be helpful if they're worth their salt!

btw, I learned not to "expect" certain things from certain yoga instructors/classes...for example...with my first pregnancy I went to the downtown "local" studio for prenatal classes, thinking for sure that the downtown "granola-hangout" location would have the most natural-birth-friendly, me-ish style teacher...I was wrong! I am actually a better fit out at the health club's class, which is actually taught by a woman who has had a baby (duh) and is much more accepting of different women/different bodies. I'm much happier out there than at the other don't make any suppositions about which yoga practice will fit you best until you have shopped around!
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