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yogurt/dehydrator help asap

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I inherited a ronco dehydrator from a family friend. I tried to use it today to make yogurt and after about 4 hours the yogurt *looked* just like beautiful thick yogurt. I checked the temp of it though and it was 122. Did I kill all of the good bacteria? About half way through the cycle I closed the vents on the top becuase a spider fell into my yogurt! Should I have left the vents open the whole time? Would that have kept the temp right? Prior to closing the vents when I checked the temp it was around 108.
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I think it must have thickened up on you because of all the spider germs.

Are you sure the thermometer on it is accurate?
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i used an electric "meat" thermometer to check the temp every so often because I wasn't really sure how well the dehydrator would work to make yogurt
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