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Yogurt for 10 m/o?

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Hi, I don't usually post here, and I'm not even sure if this is the right place, but is it ok to give a 10 month old baby yogurt?
I know it's not the best food choice b/c of all the sugar in it, but my question/concern is that it's a dairy product. Any ideas?
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I believe that yogurt is similar to cheese in that it does not have much lactose in it like milk does because of how it is made. I don't exactly know all the details. I know you can give it to younger children before you can introduce straight cow's milk. Also, if you are concerned about sugar you can make your own yogurt and that drastically cuts back on the added sugar. Or just use plain yogurt and sweeten it naturally with fruit
We give our DS (8 mos) plain Stoneyfield Farm whole milk yogurt (at our Ped's, whom we adore, suggestion). It's rich and creamy and has no sugar or flavoring. Sometimes, to "mix it up," we stir a little bit of fruit puree into it - either applesauce, pear sauce, or prunes.
I have been feeding my 10M old the Stoneyfield Yo Baby. I am also concerned about the added sugar. I think I may go the plain and add my own yumminess to it! BTW He loooovvveess it!
My DS is so sensitive to dairy (when I eat it!
: ) that I wouldn't dare give him cow's milk anything, but I have given him plain soy yogurt and that was a big hit. So you could always go that route.

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you can make your own yogurt out of Bobbie/ mommy milk. there is a thread about it in this forum. or pm me.
i'd recommend you get dc used to plain yogurt! Everyone I know that started with flavored (sugared) yogurt is amazed that dd has a taste for plain yogurt. We mix stuff in sometimes (unsweetened apple sauce, fruit, etc). and used to mix it with baby cereal when she was younger.
I started giving ds plain, whole milk yogurt with a little fruit at 9 mos. He loved it and still loves it! He'll eat the sweetened kind but he'll still eat just plain ole unsweetened stuff as well!
I've read in several books that its OK to start plain whole milk yogurt at 6 months. Another source (including my ped) suggested to start at 9 months. Either way, you're over the hump.

Suggestions for additions to plain yogurt:

Pureed or mashed fruits including apples, pineapple, papaya, peaches, plums, pears, apricots, banana, melon, tahini and finely minced parsley, natural nut butters other than peanut (like almond or cashew) if you don't have nut allergies in your familiy history. I also add a little cinnamon or ginger powder to yogurt with the appropriate fruits. Try mixing pumpkin puree as well, with ginger and cinnamon (tastes like tangy pumpkin pie).

I also add ground flaxseed to yogurt along with whatever fruit.

Use your imagination. Its so much better than the added sugars.

At about 1 year try berries. Strawberries are a potential allergen so watch closely when you try them.
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sabrosina, I wanna come over to YOUR house for dinner!

I personally prefer healthy food choices, but I know that beteen dh and grandma, Amber will be eating more sugar than I even want to know about. LOL

And the other part of the question that I forgot to post this morning - they say when you introduce a new food to watch for a reaction. What exactly is that supposed to mean? If dd had yogurt in the AM and then spent 1/2 the PM in a cranky mood does that mean she was reacting to it, or was is she just being grumpy, KWIM?
What am I supposed to be watching for? Hives, diarrhea (where's the spell check button??)
Rash, hives, diarrhea, eczema, difficulty breathing, exceptionally dry skin, stuffy nose, runny eyes, stuff like that!
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