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Hey there,

I have been having vaginal discomfort itchy, swollen, easily irritated, thin skin. OUCH. Anyway, I went to 'shoot up' some yogurt, but didn't have any, so used Jarrow baby jarrow-dophilus powder. The itching got worse and now I have a copious amounts of discharge. It is VERY egg white texture and lots of it. I swear it smells just like the jarrow. Are there certain probiotics that are not suitable to use vaginally? Have I turned myself into a yogurt machine?

One more important note. . I'm nursing a 2 year old and have not had a standard period since his birth. I have had various vaginal/labial discomfort periodically which I chalk up to hormonal stuff, but this is the worst. I did have some spotting last week (first in 6 months) so I am still not convinced it isn't hormonal stuff. Is that a reasonable thought process?

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