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you favorite, least expensive aio?

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my mom watches my boys twice a week. i drop ds off in a prefold and then she puts him in sposies the rest of the time - mainly because she can't put the prefold on
i don't want to leave fitted and wool covers because if ds pooped on the covers - she would throw them right into the wash!!! so i want to go the aio route. i only need around 6. i don't want to spend alot. any suggestions.

i'm gonna post on the tp too.

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I really like Proraps AIO. They are very absorbent. You can find new ones on Ebay from granitesmith. I think she starts the bidding at $1.00 for 3, with no reserve. If you were interested in them, I would suggest getting them with snaps because the velcro ones don't have fold over tabs and the velcro wears on the front of the diaper in the wash.

And then there is always Kushies Ultra's. They come in a package of 5 for around $43.00. So that is $8.60 each. Or the Kushies Classics which are semi-waterproof. I love these during the day. They are 5 for $39.00. Which makes them$7.80 a diaper. Not too shabby.

Good luck in your search!
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Well, bumkins are a pretty good diaper and won't wick ever. I didn't like the fit as well as I would have wanted, but it wasn't terrible. If your babe needs more absorbency, you can buy a handful of doulbers and "pre-tuck" them under the flap so they won't have to deal with that even. If you want to go wahm made, strawberries n sunshine has a berry basic AIO that is a very simple design.. easy to use, easy to wash. They run just a tad large in my opinion (I got the large, and it's very much too big all over for my 21-22lb baby .. but a medium would be just great I'm sure) I see them on ebay sometimes for very good prices. I personally wouldn't go with ANYTHING that would tend to wick because it makes cloth seem "leaky" like people expect it to be. Be wary of anything with a cotton outer. The ONLY AIO I've used with a cotton outer that didn't wick at some point has been the lukes drawers we have. If she offered a front aplix version, I'd suggest those at $15 each, they are a great diaper. Seriously though, I'd go with bumkins at $11 each in the white. I would say a happy heineys, but once you buy that and a stuffer, you've got at least $17 invested in each diaper change and usually more like $20 if you go with a hemp stuffer. HTH,

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Do you already have some fitteds? The cheapest thing to do would be to pick up some Dappi nylon covers. Then your mom would just have to put on the fitted, then pull-on the covers. Almost as easy as an AIO, and a whole lot cheaper!

Also, would she be willing to just lay the prefolds in a wrap? That's what my daycare ladies are doing and they've gotten the hang of it just fine. You can click the link in my sig to get more details.
Here are two AIO's i just won on auction recently, by Hidden Pearls Creations. I have one already and i
the only downfall is you have to wait until she puts up an auction or stocks her store.
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I love these AIOs and they won't break the bank.

Beth, Mom to Benji 3/23/00 and Maggie 1/24/03

I'm totally in love w/ my Little Lambs. Jen , imo, is a great wahm and I love the prints. For daytime, they are great-- just change frequently. I think sometimes ppl used to sposies aren't used to changing a dipe as often as needed.

awesome prices, too. get on her yahoo list for sales updates.
I have two favorites that aren't expensive - the first are my fleece AIO's from Heidi at and the second are my PUL AIO's from April at

Good luck finding what you want!
I use Bumkins AIO's as a diaper bag diaper. They're easy for the sitter to use (and DH!) and I've had good luck with them so far.

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