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You know you order out dinner too much when....

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Instead of asking, "What's for dinner, mom?" your Daughter says, "When's dinner gonna be here?"

Or your son looks out the window and says, "The pizza guy passed our house!"
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When you bring out the breakfast dishes and your kids run to the couch to eat...
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when your 3yo son sees a paper bag and says "fries?"
When the Thai restaurant's phone number is ahead of your mom's on speed dial?
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our chinese people know us by name and always know what we will order and get very surprised if we deviate!
The pizza man says "There's my little guy!" when he sees your son.

When you say "dinner" and your kid runs to the car. (That's actually a commercial!) LOL

or when you say "we are gonna sit at the table and eat from now on" and your kid cries and says "and NO TV?!"
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